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Update for all our ambassadors: this referral program is expiring on November 26. The rewards you won so far will be delivered. We will get in touch with you when the time comes. Thanks for participating!

Rewards and honors for Forest of Radgost ambassadors.

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Digital art

Forest of Radgost original and exclusive artwork

Bring two or more people to the tribe and we'll send you digital artboards from Forest of Radgost plus some more that will not be available in the game. This is just a little something to show our appreciation. You can use them as backgrounds on your phone or desktop. As your cover on socials. Or as an inspiration for a tattoo if you want to. Or you can print a shirt. But don't stop inviting friends because the juicy prizes are yet to come!

Early-bird game offer: 10–30% discount

Special privileges start here. Bring five or more people and you will be entitled to a 10% discount on the final game. Just make sure to pledge within the first 72 hours of our Kickstarter launch. Be among the first 50 backers and we'll give you a 30% discount. And if you bring even more people, more goodies await.

Digital art
Digital art

Extra cards and items no one else but you can get

Invite seven people or more, and your copy of Forest of Radgost will ship with one-of-a-kind collectibles. Extra cards and items that nobody else can get. Imagine if you ordered a blue ray set of Star Wars, and then received the original prop of Luke's lightsaber along with it. Well, this is something like it. It will make a fine addition to the next prize that awaits you.

Your name "carved" into a bark of a giant oak; a permanent stamp of your influence

If you get nine or more people excited about Forest of Radgost, your name will be “carved” into a bark of a giant oak on the rear side of the gameboard. It's more than bragging rights (although that's nice too). Your influence on Forest of Radgost will remain permanent.

Name engraved on Tree
Wood carved

Extra hand-made miniature carved from wood fetched from the "Fairy mountain"

Limited offer: An extra hand-carved wooden miniature along with the regular set. What's more, we will fetch the wood from Jastrebac AKA the "Fairy mountain" that's next to the creator’s hometown of Kruševac. Maybe your copy of Radgost will be infused with all the Slavic spirits mentioned in the game? Speaking of mentions, how about this next prize:

45-minute playthrough on Skype

Limited offer: Some people enjoy learning new game rules. The puzzle-cracking mindset is part of the hobby. But if you prefer to have your first playthrough right alongside the game's creator — Aleksandra and Ivan Rajković will make sure to make time for you. It will be an honor!

45 minute playthrough
Custom characters

EXPIRED! Custom-in-game character with art and backstory based on who you are

This limited offer expired and is no longer available. Limited offer: You're a true champion of Forest of Radgost. We can't think of any other way to reward you except to include your likeness in the game. In addition to the nine default characters, the game's production team will gather to brainstorm a new character just for you. With your input, of course.

Radgost Butterfly

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